online store is an exclusive partner of Spanish company Pyramid Seeds in Georgia.

  • 06 Mar 2023


Company Pyramid Seeds has ten years of experience of Marijuana Industry, offering high quality, authentic, unique and prominent types of Genetics. The company is manufacturing auto flowering and feminized seeds. The group of selectionists are focusing on high quality genetics, on legendary types as White Widow, Tutankhamon and black Domina. Except these types, in the fertilization process are used Spanish and American landraces. Before entering the markets, the production goes through a strong control of every phase of genetics. In the selection process, except the strength, quantity of the harvest, and aroma, the priority is directed as well on the simplicity of the growth. A very remarkable fact about the Pyramid Seeds is that, the company is able to keep it’s law prices on the market. It could be highlighted, that Pyramid Seeds is one of the shortlisted company who is offering their customers high quality products for stable law prices.

The main goal for the founders of is to supply the Georgian market with Marijuana Seeds with it’s original packings. This is the main reason why the company become a partner of Pyramid Seeds. During careful observation and growing different types of Seedsbank for years, it become clear for the founders that Pyramid Seeds products have high quality genetics. This observation opened an opportunity for us to take this responsibility and offer to the Georgian customers a high quality product, which used by the well experienced growers in the whole world.
Through , + 21 years old enthusiastic collationers can buy high quality and types of seeds as souvenirs only for collection and for keeping the genetics and  not for any other purposes.
Buying our products is only possible though our online store At this moment is available for purchase  single packings- types of (Tutankhamon, Anesthesia, Nefertiti, Northern lights, etc.),  and as well four seeded packings of  (Watermelon Zkittelz, Gorila, Romulan, Cookies USA ა.შ.)
Except the above mentioned types, the company has offers as well the seeds in Georgian original packings, the products are imported from Spain and storage in Georgia. These are the products which are sold at the shops in Barcelona.
Warning : ACCORDING THE LAW  IN GEORGIA IS PROHOBITED THE CULTIVATION AND REALISATION OF MARIJUANA! is warning you : do not use our products for illegal purposes!

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