• Auto White Widow CBD 3+1

Autoflowering phenotype of the latest generation CBD. Mainly an Indica for therapeutic use due to its high CBD content.It´s a plant with a sweet taste and aroma, with compact flowers. Easy to grow and excellent outdoor results. It can exceed 60 cm outdoors. Ideal for terraces and balconies, with a compact and very ramified structure. Indoors, it can measure more than 140 cm, we recommend more than 20 plants per square meter in a continuous cycle of 18 hours.

Type100% autoflowering
Production+350 g/m2 (With 600W light)
Bloom65 days
Production40 - 200 g/plant
Bloom 50 - 60 days
THC: 7% CBD: 8% Ratio: 1:1

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Auto White Widow CBD 3+1

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